Twinings English Breakfast Golden & Well Rounded 50 Envelopes 125g


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What does it taste like? It’s a tea with a lot of body but a light finish. Perfect when you fancy a big flavourful cup. A perfect balance from Africa, Assam and Ceylon. We only use high-grown Ceylon teas for the best depth of flavour. Sometimes a long walk makes a cup of tea taste even better. Take this cup, our master blenders have walked the corners of the world making sure only the best leaves were picked for our teas, to get the taste just right. Okay, maybe they didn’t walk every step of the way. But they definitely walked some of them. And we think this tea tastes all the better for it. Master Blender

Twinings is a registered trademark of R. Twining and Company Limited.

Number of uses/Count: 50


100% Black Tea