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Plain Madras Poppadoms


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Microwaveable. The ideal accompaniment to any Indian meal.


  • Lentil Flour (90%),
  • Salt,
  • Rice Flour,
  • Raising Agent (Calcium Carbonate),
  • Coconut Oil


Per 100g
Energy 1553 kJ / 371 kcal
Fat 3.25 g
of which Saturates 1.08 g
Carbohydrate 59.9 g
of which Sugars 0.0 g
Protein 25.5 g
Salt 4.35 g

Prepare and Use

Cooking Instructions 1. Pour sufficient oil into the cooking pan to submerge the poppadum. Heat the oil to smoking point. 2. Gently lower a poppadum into the hot oil. Ensure that the poppadum is covered in the oil by pressing it down with a long handle cooking utensil for 3-4 seconds. 3. Carefully lift the poppadum out of the oil with a long handle cooking utensil. 4. Place the poppadum on to a kitchen roll or serviette suitable for draining excess oil. Drain until dry and crisp. Serve whilst still warm.


Produced for: Tiger Tiger (UK), Bull Close Road, Nottingham, NG7 2UT, England.


  • Country of Origin India