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La Gallinara Pesto Genovese (1kg)

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Our Genovese Pesto is used to season first courses, such as potato gnocchi, trofie avvantaggiate with potatoes and green beans, Genovese minestrone soup and other types of pasta, like trofiette, bavette, linguine, trenette, tagliatelle, tagliolini and lasagne. It is recommended to use it cold, adding a little cooking water and a trickle of olive oil. It is also good for exalting the flavour of tomato sauce, pasta salads, bruschetta, raw, gratin and grilled vegetables, boiled potatoes, or in combination with fresh and soft cheeses.


Olive oil, Genovese basil DOP (26%), Grana Padano cheese (Milk, Rennet, Salt, Preservative: Lysozyme from egg), Roman Pecorino Cheese (Milk, Rennet, Salt) Garlic, Cashew nuts, Salt, Pine nuts, Plant fibre, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid.

Nutritional Data:

Nutrition Per 100g
Energy (kCal) 640
Fat (g) 65
Carbohydrates (g) 10
– of which sugars (g) 5.8
Protein (g) 5
Salt (g) 2


Suitable for:
Vegetarian No
Vegan No
Lactose Intolerant No
Coeliacs No