Hp Squeeze Me Brown Sauce Portions (26ml) – Qty: 100


Hp Squeeze Me Brown Sauce Portions (26ml)

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The original brown sauce in 26 ml SqueezeMe sachets.

This sauce has set the standard for quality and have been around for over 100 years. It has a distinctive flavour and uses quality ingredients.


Tomatoes, Malt Vinegar (From Barley), Molasses, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Spirit Vinegar,Sugar, Dates, Modified Starch, Rye Flour, Salt, Spices, Flavourings, Tamarind

Nutritional Data:

Nutrition Per 100g
Energy (kCal) 122 kcal
Fat (g) 0.1 g
Carbohydrates (g) 28 g
– of which sugars (g) 23 g
Protein (g) 0.9 g
Salt (g) 1.3 g


Suitable for:
Vegetarian Yes
Vegan No
Lactose Intolerant No
Coeliacs No
Halal No
Kosher No