Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Irish meats online for delivery in France
You may have noticed that our website has changed as the constant changes in food prices, both wholesale and retail and the ever increasing fuel prices, has meant that it is uneconomic at this time to provide the full range of British and Irish food items to our customers.
Therefore we have streamlined our service to concentrate on offering top quality Irish meats to customers across France.

We have been able to team up with a family run business in Ireland who were established in 1985 and who offer top quality pork, bacon, sausage, ham and gammon that is frozen at the point of sale and then shipped to us for delivery frozen to our French customers.

In order to make the service possible, we are only able to deliver cases of product rather than individual packs. You might want to ask around and see if other expats want to share a case if you do not have enough freezer space.

So order online, pay using your credit or debit card and we will let you know where and when we will deliver, ensuring we give you plenty of notice to arrange collection.

We are always happy to hear from Trade Customers and can make special arrangements and a trade discount for orders over €1000.

OLD FAQ BELOW – may not be relevant at this time.

When shopping for British food delivered to France, these are some of the questions that people ask us. You can always contact us directly if you need more help from the Contact page.

How do I order?
Ordering is easy – simply browse through our online British food supermarket and find the item that you want and choose how many you want and then click ‘Add to Basket’ – at any time you can see the link to see your basket from the top menu where you can change the quantities and click to Checkout.
Use the Product Search box to find specific British and Irish food items quickly.
When you checkout, if this is your first order then you will need to use a credit or debit card in our secure payment gateway – otherwise, if you prefer, you can choose to pay on collection after your first order.
Check out more information here

How do I receive my purchases?
Each month, we place bulk orders for British food with our suppliers in the UK and Ireland and they are delivered to our warehouse in France by chilled/frozen carriers. We then sort and prepare the orders and have delivery routes across France.
Each route comprises various ‘Drop Off Points’ – you can see these in the Delivery Routes link in the top menu. Chose the one closest to you and you will be notified of your delivery date in advance. You simply meet our driver at the Drop Off Point to collect your purchases. Please remember to bring bags and cool bags as we don’t supply them and that delivery of your British food to France is free of charge.

What time do I collect at the Drop Off Point
We start early in the morning and we will provide an estimate of when we will be at each location, however we are subject to delays and things outside of our control all of the time and so we will keep everyone informed on our Facebook page, so please join our group.

What does ‘Backorder’ mean?
We do carry some stock of items in France, usually Christmas or regularly bought British food items and so if you see that an item is ‘In Stock’ then we have it in our French warehouse. Items that we will order from our distributors in Ireland and the UK are termed as ‘Backorder’ – feel free to order them at any time and they will be available when they get to our French warehouse. If an item is ‘Out of Stock’ at our British and Irish distributors then we generally remove it from the web site until it becomes available again.

Where do I collect my purchases?
We have a number of delivery routes and the drop off points are being extended and updated all of the time, so please check out the Delivery Routes page for the latest list of locations. Please inform of us which Drop Off Point you require in the order.

Do I have to pay for delivery?
Absolutely not. The price you pay includes delivery to your chosen Drop Off Point as well as all taxes and charges. The price you see is the price you pay.

I have a British food market stall / shop – can I buy wholesale?
Absolutely. We cater for the general public as well as commercial customers so please get in touch to set up an account through the Contact page. A lot of our products are available in catering pack sizes.

What if I see British food items cheaper elsewhere?
We do our best to get items at the best possible prices, however French supermarkets may obtain British and Irish foods occasionally at better prices through their volume channels. However the availability may be limited or unreliable, but we do encourage customers to check their local supermarkets for deals on British food before purchase as unfortunately we are unable to negotiate prices with our suppliers or distributors.