How to Buy British Bacon & Sausages in France

If there is one thing that almost every expat I talk to wants – it’s that traditional British sausage or bacon bap. It’s a taste that we grew up with and even thinking about it has us salivating.
French cuisine is world class – but sometimes we just need that ‘hit’ from something from our childhood and there is nothing quite like English sausages and bacon.
A good British sausage will be made with at least 70 percent high-quality meat, usually pork, beef, or a mixture of both and of course there a huge number of varieties of British sausage to choose from.

Traditional Irish and British bacon is a centuries old cultural tradition, with a history of bacon involving ancient pig bloodlines bred specifically for their high quality bacon, a highly specific cut of meat and various methods of curing and smoking the bacon that vary by region.

Unlike the American style of Streaky bacon, the traditional British breakfast uses ‘Back Bacon’ which refers to a very specific cut of bacon and is available as both unsmoked and smoked British bacon here in France.

There are some expat butchers that have made their way into France to set up their butchery and who produce some excellent products – that’s great if you are local to them and if they can cope with the economics of the fairly limited expat community – the French have never really taken to British bacon or sausages!

Traditional British breakfast with British sausage, bacon and black pudding.

We work with some major suppliers of British style sausages and bacon using the finest Irish pork, and coming from Ireland means no import duty or additional charges.

Choose from traditional British pork sausages, including skinless, or the more heavily spiced Lincolnshire sausage and for vegans, we carry several British vegan sausages too, all available in France.
If you are planning a party then check out the range of cocktail sausages and of course if you must never forget that traditional British sausage roll – we carry quite a few to try out.