We are Open!

Welcome to UK Home Shopping, an new online shop selling a wide range of UK & Products produce to purchase in France.
If you dont find the products you are looking for please follow our product request process here:

Browse our extensive range of your favourite British & Irish foods, drinks & snacks.
Order and pay using our direct bank tranfer and then collect from one of our drop off points throughout France.

A full list of delivery points can be viewed on the Delivery Routes page.

2 thoughts on “We are Open!”

  1. Do you deliver orders to customer’s home address?

    If not, then I assume it is for the customer to collect from a drop off point.

    In that case, where are the collection points.

    I live in Marcigny 71110 France .

    Must I have to allow cookies and other such technologies to be able to place an order?

    Regards. John levy

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